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The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem

PolkaCover is thrilled to announce that we will be integrating the market-leading Chainlink Price Feeds on Polkadot. We aim to establish precise, up-to-date, and tamper-proof price references for determining the value of assets used within our decentralized insurance marketplace. Most notably, this will allow us to determine the fair market value of user quotes, premiums, and payouts across a multitude of crypto and fiat currencies.

We selected Chainlink to secure all oracle functions on PolkaCover because they offer pre-made decentralized price feeds. These have been time-tested in production and proven to secure billions of dollars in on-chain value for leading…

CoverRangers! You can now stake your $CVR in UniFarm Cohort 6.

Joining with us in this process are three other innovative projects — $ORO, $GFX and $RFUEL

Date: 27th APRIL, 2021

Time: 10 PM IST / 16:30 GMT-UTC

The staking process –

Step 1: Click on “Connect Wallet” to select wallet options as MetaMask, Coinbase or TrustWallet and connect to your wallet. (Once connected, the UniFarm website will show your wallet address).

Step 2: Select the “Select Token” option and choose the token of your choice.

Step 3: In the following field, enter the amount of tokens you wish to…

Hello there CoverRangers!

We are excited to announce that PolkaCover will be collaborating with UniFarm for the 6th Cohort of their staking protocol. We will be joined by OpenDefi, RioDeFi and GamyFi for this innovative Farming Pool.

UniFarm is a new staking product developed by OroPocket, allowing users to stake $CVR and farm not just $CVR but also $ORO, $RFUEL and $GFX, providing competitive APYs. UniFarm rewards users who stay longer on the platform as it has an inbuilt compounding gamified structure — The longer you stay in, the greater the benefits.

As part of the partnership, users will be…

CoverRangers! We’ve got news!

Team PolkaCover is thrilled to announce the strategic partnership with Rocket Vault; the first-ever vault project that offers the best APY in stable coins.

Rocket Vault is a Smart Vault powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning algorithms. It aims to develop intelligent strategies to maximize gains and reduce risks while continuously generating over 100+% APY.

Rocket Vault is here to simplify crypto value investing. PolkaCover aims to integrate with Rocket Vault by providing flexible, decentralized insurance coverage for crypto assets.

PolkaCover will provide Insurance coverage on Smart Vault holdings — all crypto assets, including…

Hey CoverRangers!

PolkaCover is ecstatic to announce the strategic partnership we have established with Unmarshal, a Multi-chain DeFi Data Network.

PolkaCover being the first aggregator for crypto and traditional insurance products, will leverage Unmarshal’s data indexing and Querying services. Additionally, it fetches data across multiple blockchains such as Polkadot, BSC, and Ethereum, supporting building our AI-powered smart contract covers.

The data support will provide better risk assessments on crypto insurance products resulting in better pricing to our users.

Why Unmarshal?

Structured data:

The availability of raw and unstructured on-chain data makes it tedious for decentralized applications to decode it into…

Hey CoverRangers!


Last week we announced our strategic partnership with UnoRe, the first DeFi reinsurance platform on crypto, but wait! We have more exciting updates.

PolkaCover is proud to announce the “$CVR Strongholder Campaign”. You can now earn 200 $UNO tokens for the 10,000 $CVR tokens you hold in your wallet.

The Strongholder campaign is what every CVR holder needs to take part in because it allows you to earn the first reinsurance token in the crypto space.

As you might be aware, our CEO, Kunal Sadani, is one of the strategic advisors on UnoRe…

PolkaCover is thrilled to announce the strategic partnership we have established with the first reinsurance company in the crypto insurance space, UnoRe.

Together, PolkaCover and UnoRe will transform the decentralized ecosystem and provide insurance users a safety net on an unprecedented scale.

What is UnoRe?

UnoRe will be the world’s first reinsurance trading platform powered by Polkadot.

Reinsurance is the process of taking on all or a part of the risk that is covered under a policy provided by an insurance firm in exchange for a premium payment.

In simple words, it is insurance for insurance companies.

UnoRe will provide…

Hey CoverRangers!

We’ve been working on a lot of exciting things and we cannot wait to show what we’ve been upto.

Before we begin, here’s a quick recap on what’s been done so far.

Let’s start with the architecture:

One of our biggest goals is to make sure the crypto ecosystem is safe for the entire crypto community and we have achieved this with the help of multiple partnerships.


Technical partners:

Transak: To provide access for crypto users to use fiat or their crypto currencies to process the policies

Smart Contract Platform(TBA): Leverage their smart contract functionality to build…

Kunal Sadani, the founder and CEO of PolkaCover has been based in the Middle East for over 25 years and knows the region as his home. Kunal’s passion for the insurance industry and innovation in technology is what drove him to start his passion project, PolkaCover.

Armored with a Masters Degree from S.P. Jain Institute of Management (Ranked #12 in the world in Forbes’ latest ranking of the world’s top international MBA programs), Kunal’s has worked with several multinational organizations as well as a leading Insurtech startup in senior leadership roles. Kunal’s career has been a part of the biggest…

Anthony Thomas, the Co-Founder and CIO of PolkaCover, has had spectacular growth in the field of technology and management from a very early age. His passion has helped him thrive in his career for over 10 years now.

He started as a team leader in as early as 2005, and it has only been an uphill journey ever since.

Throughout Anthony’s career, he has successfully created several regional backend system platforms, alongside backend projects for multinational insurance providers such as Allianz and NextCare, the leading insurance associations worldwide.

After graduating from the University of Karachi, Anthony started off his career…

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