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The First DeFi Insurance marketplace for the global crypto ecosystem

The last decade has witnessed the emergence of cryptocurrencies as a token of exchange, and different governments are gradually accepting major crypto like Bitcoin as an official medium of payment. For instance, El Salvador recently passed a legislation that officially claimed Bitcoin as a form of national legal tender. Similarly, many other Latin American countries are very close to doing the same. While the surge of cryptocurrency has truly changed the landscape of currencies and payments, certain major scandals have tarnished the industry’s success.

Rising frauds of cryptocurrency

The rising popularity of using virtual currencies has been accompanied by some of the most colossal…

CEO of PolkaCover, Kunal Sadani joined the telegram community of Nsure Network to commemorate the successful integration of PolkaCover-powered insurance aggregator Cover Compared and Nsure Network.

The intent of the Integration:-

Nsure Network is the first insurer partner on Cover Compared.

As a part of the integration, users will soon be able to purchase Nsure’s Smart Contract Cover on Cover Compared. The Nsure Network community will gain visibility and marketing advantage by being integrated on Cover Compared. This will give Nsure users the chance to buy both traditional and crypto insurance products at a one-stop-shop insurance marketplace.

Additionally, Users will…

It is time to welcome a new chapter.

We are beyond thrilled to introduce Nsure Network as our FIRST insurer partner on Cover Compared.

Nsure Network is a transparent crypto-insurance marketplace that offers Smart Contract Covers and facilitates trading insurance risks as a commodity. Additionally, Nsure gives users a chance to outsource risk and become risk-takers, capital providers, governance actors, and system auditors.

What is a Smart Contract?

In layman’s terms, Smart Contracts are self-executing, business automation applications that run on a decentralized network such as blockchain. The applications facilitate governance and remove administrative overheads.

A Smart Contract is easily…

Over the years, the usage of cryptocurrencies has significantly increased as the general public found themselves affected by prevalent unfair practices within centralized bodies.

This mistrust and general circumspection of more traditional financial institutions led to the accelerated adoption of crypto for financial transparency and independence.

The cryptocurrency market is currently valued at a capital of 2 trillion dollars — in fact, just in Q1 2021, crypto users have doubled from 100 million to nearly 200 million.

Despite the enormous growth experienced, the market’s potential has largely been neglected by traditional insurers due to the lack of research, expertise, and…

We are thrilled to announce the partnership between PolkaCover and UniLend.

UniLend is a permission-less decentralized protocol that combines spot trading services and money markets with lending and borrowing services through smart contracts. Additionally, UniLend users have access to flash loans through their platform; with maintained liquidity, they can utilize these flash loans with any asset for unique use cases.

UniLend users can now insure their custodial wallets through Wallet Hack Covers offered on our insurance marketplace - Cover Compared. The cover will protect users against hacks or other compromising situations on a centralized exchange that could put the wallets…

Since the advent of the crypto revolution, our community has been underserved in a host of different sectors of traditional service provision.

Within the last few years specifically, the lack of options has been felt acutely within the crypto Insurance sector. Holders of fiat currency have a plethora of marketplaces that they can access in order to buy insurance products — traditional or otherwise. However unfortunately, the same opportunities for security are not readily available to individuals who’d like to be ensured using their crypto funds.

No more; as Our Manifesto — Protection should not be conditional.

With the launch…

NFTs and cryptocurrencies have been quite the talk of the town these days, especially ever since 2020 when the global pandemic swiped itself across the globe. It sent citizens and governments into a panic mode as their economy fell into pieces. The crypto and NFT market, on the other hand, took advantage of the economic ordeal by bringing more attention and interest towards digital assets.

Both markets are equally lucrative and fast-growing.

You might have come across headlines about cryptocurrencies values or people earning thousands or millions of dollars thanks to NFTs. But if you are not familiar with the…

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with DFYN

DFYN is a community-governed DeFi project that offers a low-fee AMM exchange along with yield farming opportunities. It combines the unmatched liquidity of Ethereum with the scalability of L2 platforms. Dfyn is building a multi-chain AMM with current nodes live on Polygon and OKExChain.

DFYN also runs various farming pools which have attracted over $200 million in liquidity. A large portion of that belongs to the stablecoin yield pools where community members can earn DFYN tokens as yield for providing stablecoin liquidity to DFYN Exchange.

The stablecoin liquidity on…

We are proud to welcome NFT Alley to our growing list of strategic partners!

The world of traditional gaming collectibles has experienced innovation over recent years paving the way for a newfound era of NFT collectibles.

The NFT ecosystem is currently valued at over 1.2M USD, advocating a massive demand for digital assets in the forthcoming years.

NFT Alley is a leading decentralized “one-stop-shop” for NFTs in the crypto space. The partnership will allow NFT alley users to purchase various NFT covers from the PolkaCover marketplace. The covers secure NFTs from risks such as cyber-attacks, impermanent loss, and smart contract…

DeFi Insurance is insurance that protects crypto assets and covers risks according to the coverage agreement. It covers the loss of investors’ funds or crypto-assets due to hacking, cyber-attacks, or any other exploits taking place in the DeFi space.

In the decentralized finance (DeFi) market, insurance may need to play an even more prominent role. DeFi insurance came into existence to help protect investors and providers in the event of a hack or other fraudulent activity.

DeFi as a concept utilizes blockchain technology, meaning, unlike other traditional financial bodies, it isn’t controlled by a single, central source. Its decentralized model…


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